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Organic Sleep Drops

14 Sep 2021 by Myreen Young

£8.50 10ML


Organic Sleep Drops is a blend of pure essential oils to help with improving your sleep, helpful for insomnia, stress, anxiousness or just the inability to get a good nights sleep.

As with all pure essential oils should not be taken internally or used directly in massage. One of the oils used is vetiver, this oil has been used for hundreds of years to to soothe and calm nerves, it helps with people who find sleeping difficult due to stress or not being able to switch of due to work worries. The oils are blended for their effectiveness and has prove to be very effective.



Ingredients lavendula officinalis. chrysopogon zizanioids, Valeriana officinalis, Valeriana officinalis

Benefits & Use

Organic sleep drops gives a blend of four different essential oils giving an effective natural way to helps with sleeplessness and stress.  Everyone at some time find it difficult to switch off and sleep and when this continues night after night it causes stress and the inability to carry on with day to day duties.

The products can be used several ways, a few drops on your pillow or a cotton wool pad with the oil on it put in your pillow case, a few drops on a tissue and inhaled regularly or a few drops in a deffuser, or a few drops of hot water to with has been added the drops.