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Cellular Renewal Moisturiser

19 Oct 2020 by Myreen Young

£10.50 50ML


Cellular renewal for younger looking skin penetrates deeply into the skin. Repair damage and encourage new cell growth to achieve younger looking skin. Cellular anti aging  Moisturiser features a blend that  penetrate the skin and encourages cellular repair. Vitamin C promotes collagen production and renewed skin elasticity, resulting in healthy, younger-looking skin.  Its rich base contains antioxidants and clinically validated age-defying properties.

All Myreen Young Skincare products are 100% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free

Suitable for all skin types


Aqua, average saliva, (organic oat extract),helianthus annuss (organic sunflower oil) aloe barbadensis (organic aloe leaf extract)butyrosperum parkii (organic shea butter) cetearyl alcohol, steric acid, glycerin, argania spinosa (organic argon oil) salix alba, coco glucoside, tocopherol, organic pine bark, organic rosehip extract, ascorbic acid, acidum hyaluronicum