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Massage & Relaxation

Massage & Relaxation

Smooth away the stresses of your day with our relaxation range. When you’re feeling overworked or run down, massage these relaxing natural creams into muscles to relieve tension and turn any stress into feelings of peace and tranquillity. At the end of a busy day, apply our relaxation creams over your body to help you switch off and easily fall into a calm and restful sleep. This relaxation power works during the day as well. Smoothing a small amount onto the inner wrist or neck can banish away feelings of anxiousness and bring on a wave of calm.

Here at Myreen Young, our products are free from artificial elements, petrochemicals and sulphates, using only the best natural, organic and vegan ingredients. We utilise the all natural properties of these ingredients to create wonderful products that can help you truly relax by eliminating the worry of what you are putting on your body.

To discover the full benefits of these deeply relaxing products, and to check the list of ingredients used, check out the product pages for all the information you will need.

  • Organic Deeply Relaxing Massage Cream

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