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5 Beauty Hacks for Winter

12 Dec 2018 by Myreen Young

Winter can cause havoc with our skin, with the air being drier it draws the moisture from our skin, leaving it feeling dehydrated and flaky. A skincare regime is essential all year round, but your routine should be switched up in the colder months to treat and soothe dry, irritated skin. Just because the weather has turned colder, it doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer, reach for natural products that include hydrating ingredients that will protect your natural moisture barrier. Read on to discover our five beauty hacks to live by in winter!

Cold weather on skin

Use Facial Peels

Exfoliating is vital all year round, it removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin rejuvenated, however, during the colder months rather than using a harsh exfoliator, you should opt for a less abrasive facial peel. Facial peels not only give your face a deep cleanse, but they also unclog pores and help to soothe and soften your skin.

Apply Hair Masks

Coming in from the cold winds to toasty heated houses, not only confuses our skin but our hair too, the change in conditions can lead to split ends and breakages. In order to have healthy hair, all year round a hair mask will prevent these damages; you can easily rustle up one from ingredients in your home. Our go-to hair mask recipe is a banana and egg mask, simply mix two eggs and two ripe bananas into a paste, add a few drops of lemon and blend will, apply to hair and leave on for thirty to sixty minutes and wash thoroughly. A mixture of olive oil and coconut oil is also an excellent natural treatment, the mixture of the two will moisturise the scalp, discourage flakes and leave hair feeling nourished!

Carry Hand Lotion

Throughout the winter our hands are exposed to the natural elements, leaving them dry and sore, with many experiencing cracked and cut hands in the chillier months. In order to combat the dry hand season, ensure you carry hand lotion with you at all times as it’s the easiest way to prevent cracking by keeping your hands hydrated.

Use Baby Oil

Baby oil can be used for a number of things from applying it to your hair, cleaning makeup brushes to soothing insect bites. Adding a few drops of organic baby oil to your bath will ensure you come out with baby soft skin, it can easily replace another bubble bath which sometimes contains ingredients which can dry your skin out. It’s also a good moisturiser, especially for uses on the harder areas such as your elbows, knees and heels. As mentioned before our hands suffer a lot in the winter, baby oil is perfect for softening cuticles and preventing them from dryness.

Natural ingredients for the skin

Moisturise in the Shower

Our entire body should be kept moisturised and not just our face; it is something that is often forgotten about but is especially important in the winter months to replace the moisturise lost from the dry air. In the winter it can be extremely cold when hopping out of the warm shower, meaning you are less likely to want to stand and moisturise. Why not moisturise when you’re still in the shower cubicle? It may sound odd but when moisturising in the shower you will prevent moisture evaporating and drying out, in turn leaving your body feeling extra hydrated and you’ll still be warm!

The skin is the largest organ of the body and protects us from the environment, winter is an incredibly harsh season due to the low temperatures and adverse winds. We hope our five beauty hacks will benefit you this winter, do you have any others you swear by? Let us know via our social media channels!