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8 Ways You Can De-Stress

05 Sep 2019 by Myreen Young

For some, stress is part of everyday life. Whether you have a demanding job, are a stay at home parent, are studying or you’re simply putting too much pressure on yourself, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with everything you’re managing day-to-day.

The first step to de-stressing would be to consider what it is that is making you feel that way and try to search for a solution or method of easing some of the pressure. Understanding this will make your path to stress-free living more achievable and sustainable.

Making drastic adaptions in your life isn’t always easy. Knowing this, we’ve compiled some practical and realistic changes which will enhance your emotional strength and leave you feeling calm and more in control.


Regular physical exercise is known to be a fantastic stressbuster. When you exercise, the production of endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine’s increases, and it’s these hormones that contribute to your feelings of happiness. This function is regularly referred to as the ‘runner’s high’, although you can get the feel-good factor from a vast range of exercises, from a brisk walk to high-intensity workouts.

A person running along a path.


With busy schedules, the thought of meditating may seem too time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Taking just 10 minutes out of your day to meditate can have profound benefits. Either sit or lie somewhere comfortable, listen to the natural rhythm of your breathing, notice your body and consider your thoughts.

Digital Detox

In today’s fast-paced world, we are inundated with emails, phone calls and notifications. These constant distractions can leave little time for yourself, as you begin to check work emails when you get home and update yourself on everyone else’s’ life on social media. Dedicate an evening or two a week, where you switch off your screens, leave messages unanswered and enjoy the blissfulness of receiving no notifications!

A woman using her mobile phone.

Prioritise Sleep

A high level of stress and little to no sleep go hand in hand. The inability to switch off in time for lights out plagues those who are having trouble managing the continual demands of their lifestyle. Prioritising sleep is one of the primary steps to take to leave you feeling more in control and reduce stress. The following points should help you with getting a good night’s rest.

• Reduce consumption of caffeine
• Set and stick to an evening routine
• Sleep and wake at consistent times
• Try not to nap
• Minimise exposure to light one-two hours before you would like to sleep
• Avoid electronic devices before bed
• Ensure your bedroom provides a relaxing environment.

A woman sleeping in bed.

Break Unhealthy Habits

We all have different ways of managing stress, but for some, these methods can be detrimental to our health. Indulging in unhealthy foods, regularly drinking alcohol or substituting a reduction in energy with caffeine may provide relief in the short term, but these behaviours are not sustainable ways of managing stress. Instead, opt for a nutritious diet (even if you don’t want to!), reduce alcohol consumption and get some well-needed rest.

A breakfast platter of cereal, fruit and a hot drink.

Connect with Friends and Family

There is no shame in relying on your support network when you’re feeling overwhelmed. As the saying goes, ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’, and those you love, both friends and family, are likely to offer support and guidance to you when it all seems like too much. Give them a call, arrange a date or turn up unannounced at their door. Relaxing, talking and embracing the care from those closest to you can help elevate feelings of stress.

Pamper Yourself

Be kind to your body and mind. When stress sets in, it can be easy to be self-critical, but it is in fact, the opposite that will help you manage the challenges you’re facing. You’re worthy of positive self-indulgence. While away an hour or two soaking in the bath, pop on a face mask, paint your nails or go for a massage. Our organic relaxation cream will help you to soothe away the stresses, relieve tension and encourage you to switch off and be calm.

Moisturiser on a leg.

Enjoy Some ‘Me Time’

When life gets busy or stressful, self-care slips down the list of priorities. Reserve regular dates in your diary for doing the things you love and care about most. Ask yourself what it is that excites you, is there anything that you would like to learn, what do you enjoy doing most, and make them happen.

Paying attention to stress and considering what it is that is making you feel a particular way, is the first step to overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed. How do you manage high levels of stress? Please share them with us via our social media channels!