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5 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care Products

06 Dec 2018 by Myreen Young

A protective barrier for our body’s, and our largest organ, the skin does a lot more than many first consider, and the benefits of care and attention are second to none. Here at Myreen Young, we think that it’s equally as important to think about not only what you’re putting in your body, but also what you’re putting on it. The skin already faces an array of damaging external factors, which in some cases, are unavoidable, whether it’s stress, sun exposure, dirt or dust, cold and dry climates or hot and humid, they can all affect the appearance and health. With all of those things considered, doing what you can to heal and protect is vital for the glowing, clear and ultimately healthy complexion we all strive for.


Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of the non-natural skin care products and wondered what they are? Many are laced with chemical ingredients that without in-depth research, our understanding of what exactly it is, would be limited. It’s time to switch up your daily routines from coating yourselves in nasty ingredients to protecting, healing and soothing our skins, with the best that nature can offer. Here’s why we think you should switch to organic and natural skin care, UK made and sold.


Gentler on Your Skin

Two people with healthy skin.

Whether its synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes, the harmful chemicals used in non-naturally derived skin treatments can play havoc with normal to sensitive skin types. Causing symptoms that we’re all hoping to avoid, from irritation, sensitivity, inflammation, clogged pores, acne and more, these products can often do more harm than good. Our natural and organic product range is much gentler on the skin, each drop is created using superior ingredients and is nutrient-rich, soothing, healing and protecting.


Safer for the Environment

The canopy of trees in a woodland.

Whether its pesticides, artificial colours or flavours or the eradication of wildlife, non-organic products can be hugely detrimental not only to our skin but to our natural environment. Switching to organic care products is a lot easier than you think, and your skin, wildlife and planet will thank you for it. Avoiding modified ingredients, synthetic fertilisers and herbicides creates a beauty product that you and the earth deserve.


Fewer Toxins

When it’s organic, you can guarantee that your body will encounter fewer harmful products. Ingredients used in non-organic products, such as parabens, phthalates, dimethylol, MI or MIT are non-natural, and some are proven to be disruptive to the body. Your wellbeing and health matter to us, which is why we use the finest natural and organic ingredients.



A person rubbing cream on the back of their hand.

It’s a hotly debated topic as to how much and what your skin can and can’t absorb. Varying compound sizes, blood flow and how oily your skin is, amongst many other factors, will affect how or if it absorbs what you put on it. But, without getting too deep into the science of things, and considering each person is different, the nature of our skin is to stop the absorption of external elements, but its highly likely that some of the chemicals we put on our skin do enter the body. By choosing products which are both organic and derived from natural ingredients, we’re helping to give it the best nourishing possible.


Contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle

We’re continually faced with and are striving for both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Having a wholesome and varied diet, exercising, reducing our alcohol intake and getting outdoors in nature are fundamentals for strong and nourished bodies and minds. Extending this dedication to your skincare routine is just another piece of the lifestyle puzzle, helping you feel better both inside and out.

With less chemicals, fewer toxins, and the health benefits to you and the planet when making the switch to natural and organic options, switching up your skincare routine has never been more appealing!