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Everything you Need to Know About the T-Zone

25 Feb 2019 by Myreen Young

In our previous blog, we looked at what face mapping is and how each zone of our face relates to another part of our body. As the T-Zone is the largest zone of the face, we wanted to look further into this area and the type of skin care you need to best look after this area.

What is the T-Zone?

The T-Zone is the part of the face which is made up of the forehead, nose and chin. It’s called the T-Zone as the area can be marked out with a T, like in the image below. These parts of the face are grouped together as they’re the areas which have the greatest concentration of pores, being the area with the most sebaceous glands than anywhere else on the body.

What is the T-Zone?

All skin types need a certain amount of oil (also called sebum) as oil helps to keep our skin hydrated and moisture locked in. Sometimes the skin can produce too much oil, and you’ll notice your skin will look shiny; the T-Zone is the area of our faces which are more likely to look shiny due to the higher concentration of pores.

How to Combat an Oily T-Zone

All skin types will suffer from an oily T-Zone at some point, as there are more pores in this area. If you have an oily skin type, then chances are the other areas of your face will have the same amount of oil than your T-Zone. Unsure which skin type you are? You can find out what your skin conforms to here. The best way to combat an oily T-Zone is to ensure you use oil-free skin care products as putting more oil on your oily areas will make you look even shiner.

How to Fight a Dry T-Zone

If you’re T-Zone rarely gets oily and feels dry, then it’s more than likely you’ll conform to the dry skin type. If your T-Zone feels dry, then you should keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. The best way to fight a dry T-Zone is by using a light moisturiser which helps to balance the water and oil in your skin.

How to Reduce Acne in the T-Zone

The T-Zone is prone to blackheads and acne due to more oil-producing glands. The pores in the T-Zone often appear more noticeable and it is likely your nose will gather blackheads as this area is often prone to getting clogged up. The best way to reduce acne and blackheads in the T-Zone is to exfoliate once a week to break down the dead skin cells which help spark skin cell renewal.

What Skin Care Should You Use on the T-Zone?

We’ve talked about the best way to reduce specific problems in the T-Zone, but the best way to care for your T-Zone overall is to have a daily skin care routine. Firstly, you should exfoliate once a week, which helps to break down dead skin cells and helps to soften skin texture.

Secondly, having a good cleanser ensures that all traces of make-up have been removed which helps to keep your pores unclogged. Our organic deep cleansing lotion is the perfect product to help rejuvenate your skin. Thirdly, the best way to reduce the amount of extra oil in the T-Zone is to use a good toner; our organic antioxidant toning mist is the perfect product to remove excess oil and clean your pores.

If you have combination skin, then you will require different products for each zone of the face. It’s best to use a light moisturiser on the T-Zone full of plenty of vitamins to increase blood circulation; our organic cellular renewal moisturiser is full of vitamin A which helps to reduce wrinkles and improve blood flow.

The final product which should be a staple piece in your skin care routine is a face mask. Face masks help to unclog pores and give our skin a refresh; the T-Zone is the area which is most likely to suffer from clogged pores. We have a selection of masks and peels at Myreen Young which are the perfect way to give your skin a refresh while unclogging pores!

Applying organic skin care to hand

We hope that this blog has helped you understand more about the T-Zone and how to care for the largest zone of the face – looking for the best organic skin care UK? Here at Myreen Young, we only use organic and natural ingredients in our skin care products, as they are kinder to our skin and are perfect for every zone of the face.