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7 Tips For Looking After Your Skin In Summer

09 Jul 2019 by Myreen Young

The hot and humid weather that comes part and parcel with summer can affect our skin massively. Although our skin is in contact with the environment day in and day out, during the summer, we put even more strain our skin due to the increased UV rays. It’s essential to use natural products for skin all year round, but it’s even more important to in the summer. In this blog, we’re going to look at seven tips for looking after your skin this summer!

1. Tweak Skincare Routine

During the summer months, it is more than likely you’ll want to switch some of your skincare products for lighter alternatives, such as your thicker, heavier creams for something non-greasy and lightweight. Sunscreen will also become a staple product in your skincare routine during summer, sun cream is greasy and can cause your pores to clog. Which means you’ll need to spend extra time removing the products which have built up on your skin at the end of the day.

2. Use Sunscreen

This is quite an obvious tip, but it is essential! The UV rays during the summer months catch our skin more directly as the sun is higher in the sky, which means they can have a detrimental effect on our skin. By not using sunscreen, you’re opening up your body to ageing effects; the sun causes the proteins in our skin to weaken, therefore leaving us with the loss of youthful skin. Some foundations will have SPF in, if not, apply a thin layer to your face before applying your makeup.

Sun coming through the clouds during summer

3. Exfoliate Once A Week

Many think that exfoliating will fade the tan you’ve worked hard on, but this is a myth, in fact, it helps to catch an even tan! Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells which accumulate on the top layer of our skin, and helps to promote healthy skin cell renewal. During the summer, exfoliation isn’t required as often as during the winter. Your face and body should be exfoliated between once and twice a week.

4. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Although it’s humid during the summer, our skin still needs to be kept moisturised. Chlorine, air conditioning, and UV rays can contribute to dry and dull skin; therefore, moisturising even during the summer is essential. As the first point stated, it’s key to tweak your skincare routine. In regard to your moisturiser, this should be switched for something water-based rather than oil-based, to help hydrate your skin and leaving it feeling fresh rather than heavy.

5. Look After Your Lips

Our lips lack melanin; therefore, during the summer, our lips need extra care. Try not to lick your lips as this can cause irritation and use a lip balm with SPF included, as our lips can also suffer from sunburn, which is incredibly painful!

Woman applying SPF lip balm to lips in the summer

6. Protect Your Scalp

The scalp is often overlooked when it comes to applying sun cream, but is another sensitive area of skin. The sun can dry out your scalp, leaving your hair looking and feeling dry and brittle. It’s not only a painful place to get sunburn, but it can leave you with dandruff and peeling skin. There are many ways you can protect your scalp from the rays; either opting for a hat, applying sunscreen or choosing hair products with UV filters.

7. Swap Makeup

There is nothing worse than makeup feeling heavy on your face during the warmer months, especially when we’re more prone to sweat. The makeup that we wear during the rest of the year may not be the best fit during summer. Full-coverage foundations, when mixed with sweat, can clog our pores, and cause breakouts. Swap it for a BB cream, tinted moisturiser or a lighter foundation in order to combat this issue.

We hope these tips help to keep your skin in the best condition it can be this summer! Did you know that the skin absorbs over 60% of what we put onto it? The best way to ensure you’re looking after your skin all year round is to use products with natural and organic ingredients. Here at Myreen Young, we have a wide range of vegan-friendly skincare and bodycare products. Why not have a browse?