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Skincare and Beauty Bloggers to Follow

30 Jan 2019 by Myreen Young

There is such a wide variety of skincare and beauty products out there that there’s been an increase in bloggers reviewing and raving about their favourites, influencing you on which to invest in. While new skincare and beauty blogs are popping up all the time, we like to refer back to sure experts who we can have faith are being honest and helpful in their reviews of products.

My Pale Skin

My Pale Skin is run by Londoner Em and was launched in 2014. In 2015, Em developed adult acne and started make-up tutorials and posted videos about comments she had received. She is active on Instagram too, under @mypaleskinblog, and promotes skin positivity and the movement to redefine pretty, following her YouTube post about it. Along with her inspirational vlogs about her skin, she also offers tips on makeup and skincare for sensitive skin.

Bailey Leah

Bailey Leah is a teenage blogger talking about beauty, skincare and lifestyle. She reviews recent purchases, from facemasks and skincare that is worth spending a bit more on. She is frequently honest about her struggles with acne and spots giving recommendations on skin care products and supplements that have helped her skin. In addition to beauty tips, Bailey also shares her morning and night skin care routines; often something people forget about when aiming for healthier skin.


Nicki founded FutureDerm in 2007 as a science beauty blog when studying dermatology in medical school. She aims to further educate about the products they buy, and help them discover what works best for them based on the science behind the product. Today, there are community reviews from others sharing their thoughts on recent skincare product purchases, so each review is coming from someone with different skin issues so you can research the best products based on people whose skin is similar to your own.

Notebook, tablet and cup of coffee on wooden table

She Might Be Loved

Award-winning blogger Georgina is based in Sheffield and has a background in travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. In addition to writing about plus-size fashion and makeup she also shares reviews and tips on skincare, from her favourites from the last year to cleansing sets. Her friendly yet informative tone offers detailed discussions on the products, and the personal touch of including her issues with oily skin gives better insight into the products she is talking about and how they will work with your own skin.

Eyeliner Flicks

Belfast based beauty blogger Gillian started her own beauty blog after reading so many others. In addition to beauty, she also covers lifestyle, restaurant reviews, skincare, fashion, music and travel. Gillian also provides details about herself that affect her reviews, such as her dyed red hair, stretched earlobes and problems with acne. Her acne has made her picky about the products she chooses for her skin and frequently looks to organic items. One of our favourite recent posts highlights the need for hydrating during the winter when the cold air will dry out skin much quicker, and suggests rosehip as a great ingredient.

Love Laugh Lipstick

From Nikki, Lovelaughlipstick has a varied range of content including beauty, health, lifestyle and fashion, also with a focus on high-street and budget brands. A recent post details her standout skincare products from the last year. She stresses the need and importance in recognising the ingredients in skincare, something we also agree with as understanding what is right for your skin and avoiding chemicals leads you to choose the best organic skincare UK.

Makeup brushes and foundation

Caroline Hirons

Caroline is qualified in the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and details her skin as mature, pigmented and dehydrated. She is trained in over a hundred brands and worked as a consultant to brands in the beauty industry, so brings a lot of expert knowledge to her blog. She provides a lot of information on skincare, from anti-ageing to cleansers, exfoliators to moisturises, oils to serums. In addition to blog posts, she also shares videos and gives details on the ethical background of products, such as if they are vegan or cruelty-free.

Do you have a favourite blogger you go to for information about skincare and beauty tips if you have sensitive skin? We’d love to hear about more bloggers and vloggers that have helped you find the right skincare for your needs! Why not also take a look at our blog at Myreen Young for expert tips and advice on using organic and natural ingredients as part of your skincare routine.