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Tips on How to Care for Your Skin in Autumn

23 Sep 2019 by Myreen Young

The essence of summer has all but gone in the UK. The longer days and haze of the summer months whisked by in the blink of an eye. As the BBQs are being packed away and leaves are beginning to fall, our wardrobes are changing, and our skincare routine is adapting.

The end of summer marks a drastic change in the weather. As the temperature drops, the wind picks up speed, and the rain begins to fall. This changing climate can play havoc on our skin, from chapped lips and chaffing hands to cracked feet and dry patches on our cheeks. To help minimise the damage to your skin and best-prepare it for the transition from summer to autumn, we’ve highlighted the changes we make to our skincare routine.

Choose a Hydrating Facial Cleanser

As the cooler temperatures creep in, as does a reduction in the humidity levels. The crisp and dry air can quickly remove moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and flaky. Switching from your light, summer fascial cleanser to one which aids hydration and is without skin-drying ingredients, will create a moisture-retaining barrier and allow you to embrace the season ahead.

A person holding soap bubbles in their hand.

Switch to a Richer Moisturiser

When the sun is out, and temperatures are high, fast-absorbing and lightweight moisturisers are the preference. Which, when you’re dashing out the door to make the most of the warm weather, is exactly what you need! But, by the time autumn rolls around, it’s time to reconsider the type of moisturiser you’re applying to both your face and body. As the wind speed picks up and the whips of air are much cooler, it can begin to take a toll on the condition of your skin. During the colder weather, opt for a heavier and richer cream that provides that much-needed deep conditioning.

Be Prepared for Break Outs

The changes in humidity can also cause break outs. Ever noticed that you’re more prone to getting a spot or two when you go on holiday, or when you return? It’s likely due to the dramatic differences in the climate, and the same thing can happen when we move from one season to another. Going from hot to cold and dry to oily can cause blemishes. There’s no way to prepare your skin for these changes, but there are things you can do which will help to ease the breakout. Facial peels, cleansing oils and lotions, and exfoliants will remove residue makeup and dissolve any dirt left on the skin. By eliminating the impurities, you have a better chance of limiting a breakout.

Take Care of Your Lips

A summer soaking up the sun is followed by the biting cold and your lips can quickly become chapped and sore. They’re often the first part of your body that shows any deterioration from the change in season. Prevent and heal them by readily applying a natural and organic lip moisturiser, avoid any harmful chemicals.

A woman's lips

Opt for Oil-Based Body Scrubs

Autumn = maximising the moisture.
From October through to April, the chill on the air can create dry and flaky skin. An oil-based body scrub combines the exfoliation we need with the moisturising goodness of a rich oil. Removing any dead skin and providing a protective block to prevent water loss.

Protect with Sunscreen

Although the blistering sun may be shielded with clouds, UV rays can still reach your skin and cause damage. Facial sunscreen is a year-round essential. In autumn, you can switch to protection with a lower SPF than in summer but do reapply throughout the day.

Generously Apply Hand Cream

Pop a high-quality hand cream into your handbag so that you always have a go-to when you’re out and your skin is in need of nourishing. It needs to be rich but also fast-absorbing, so that your hands receive intensive care, fast.

Embrace the Change

Reminiscing on the summer months is easily done when there’s a stark change in the weather but try to look ahead and see the goodness that each season brings. With our range of natural skincare UK, your skin will be best prepared for the climate ahead and all the activities the season brings. Walks in the crisp, refreshing air, being wrapped in blankets, hot chocolates and cosy nights in with your loved ones.