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How to Get Glowing Skin in 10 Steps

21 Jun 2019 by Myreen Young

The quest for flawless, glowing skin is on-going for many, particularly those who are hoping to ditch the foundation this summer. Having the confidence to pull off the au natural look is difficult at the best of times, let alone if your skin is suffering from dryness, blemishes, spots or anything else that is related to the warmer weather. Here at Myreen Young, we have a range of fantastic skincare products that will help you to achieve the flawless complexion you crave, but we also understand that responsible skincare doesn’t stop there. There’s a wealth of lifestyle choices that can affect the appearance of your skin, be it in a positive or negative way, and it’s not always clear what these are. We’ve put together 10 of the most important steps to take on your journey to glowing skin, so you can understand a little more about what other steps you should be taking, alongside our fabulous range of skincare. 

Sleep Lots 

Those who love their early nights will be pleased to add skincare to the endless list of benefits to hitting the hay at a reasonable hour. It’s difficult to wake up glowing when you’re running off coffee, and no amount of concealer will ever truly hide the dark circles under the eyes of anyone who’s in need of a decent nights’ sleep. For more on this, check out our recent blog, Tips for Reducing and Eliminating Dark Circles.  In fact, a study in Sweden revealed that participants were rated as more attractive after an eight-hour sleep in comparison to when they were sleep-deprived, meaning even strangers will notice the difference. 

Drink Water

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mentioned here as staying hydrated is one of the best natural things you can do to look after your skin. Try upping your H2O intake, and you’ll notice the difference in just a few days as the water cells create a plump, youthful and healthy skin complexion. For those that can’t get eight hours of sleep as mentioned above, water can help with hiding those dark bags and, as acne-sufferers can attest, it is great for flushing out the toxins that lead to breakouts. 

Eat Well

A habit that’s good to get into for general health, wellbeing and the waistline, but do it for your skin if nothing else. Foods with a high glycemic index, such as sugary sweets and white carbs, bind to collagen, weakening it and damaging the aesthetic of your natural complex. Beautiful skin starts on the inside, so make sure your diet includes healthy fats, omega 3s, antioxidants and vitamin C alongside a host of other good things that are sure to leave your skin looking and feeling better. 

Use Sun Protection

We can’t be the first to tell you that sun damage is one of the most common skin complaints and is thought to be responsible for 80% of the signs of visible ageing, including wrinkles, skin thinning and facial lines. Alongside your regular skincare routine, add a designated product with a high SPF factor to your face, reapplying every two hours that you are in direct sunlight. Remember, it doesn’t need to be blazing sunshine for the sun to cause damage and your skin is vulnerable on even the cloudiest of days. 

Moisturise Regularly

Again, this isn’t rocket science, but all-too-often we get into a habit of leaving moisturiser out of our pre-make-up routine. Moisturiser slows down the loss of water content and strengthens the skin barrier, as will most good facial products. People who are vulnerable to dryness, whatever the weather, should pay particular attention to this one.

Be Ethical

Enjoying a high-quality skincare routine shouldn’t make you feel riddled with guilt. High street brands continue to use and test chemicals on animals, despite a widespread unwillingness to support this practice in the UK and beyond. Larger companies will often cut corners, and batch make products using the cheapest ingredients, utilising unrecyclable plastic and business ethics that aren’t altogether friendly to our planet. Here at Myreen Young, you can look after your skin safe in the knowledge that our vegan, organic products aren’t doing any damage to the world around us. 

Don’t Touch…

Whilst popping spots might be nothing short of a hobby for some people, there are certainly less-damaging ways of treating zits without it. Picking, popping, and any manner touching your face for that matter will disrupt the epidermis and could result in a permanent scar. Treat blemishes gently with an appropriate product or treatment and keeping your hands away from your face has long-since been a beauty secret of celebrities.

…But if You Must

Anyone who finds themselves resting with their hands on their face or if you have an unconscious tic that involves hand-to-face contact on one level or another might find complete separation of the two more difficult. In this case, it’s important to keep your hands as clean as possible so as to prevent any bacteria spreading between the two. Treat yourself to a luxury hand cream and invest in some hand sanitiser for when travelling in public places although, remember, this is likely to have some strong chemicals and following use, contact with the face should be kept to a bare minimum.   

Treat Yourself 

Regular facials will not only give you some quality time to relax, but also keeps skin looking healthy, bright and youthful for the foreseeable. A facial on a 4-6 weekly basis is the optimal regime to aim for, or just as many as is feasible up to that regularity. In today’s hectic 21st-century lifestyle, the need to take an hour or two to yourself has never been more prevalent, not just for the sake of your skin but also your wellbeing. 


Not the only reason to get more active, but certainly a valid one, research has shown that subjects who started a regular exercise routine experienced a reversal in signs of ageing and, in fact, looks like the skin of a much younger person. Albeit a strange concept that sweat can work wonders for your skin, but if flawless skin isn’t motivation at the gym, we don’t know what is!

That concludes our 10-step guide to achieving flawless skin, alongside the use of our fantastic range of skincare of course! Here at Myreen Young, we have lots of natural organic body care products to choose from that are sure to keep your skin glowing this summer, all of which are organic and vegan, so that you can pamper yourself without any ethical conflict!