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5 Ways to Look After Your Hands

05 Mar 2019 by Myreen Young

Though spring is on the way, we are still experiencing cold and wet weather, which can impact negatively on our skin, particularly our hands. Our hands are particularly vulnerable in cold weather, mixed in with the dry atmosphere caused by central heating. Water evaporates from the skin causing it to dry and crack, and therefore it is important we take care of our hands.

Use Mild Soap When Washing Hands

Soap is an enemy of dry skin, particularly in bar format, so you may prefer using liquid hand soap. Look for ingredients such as glycerine and lanolin which helps soften and add a waterproof layer to your skin. A top tip is to avoid soap which lathers as the bubbles are bad for the skin or to opt for natural skincare UK products.

Lavender soap

Moisturise Your Hands After Washing

After showering, a bath or even just washing your hands, it is good to apply a moisturiser to your hands to stop the water and shampoo or body wash you have used from drying your hands. Though washing your hands prevents germs, it does dry your hands and moisturiser will give them much needed hydration. Moisturiser also helps keep your hands feeling soft and looking younger. You might also find you need to apply moisturiser after being out in the cold – carry some with you to stay prepared. If you’re looking for a handy handbag sized hand cream, our organic anti-ageing hand cream contains Vitamins A And E!

Moisturise Your Hands at Night

You may need to use different moisturisers for night and day. A lighter, water-based moisturiser works best for the day, as it won’t leave your hands feeling greasy for daily activities. For the night, apply a thicker moisturiser, opting for a cream or ointment instead of a lotion. Avoid perfumed creams as they can irritate the skin. Apply the moisturiser thickly over your hands and let it soak in overnight, and you will wake up with softer hands!

Woman applying moisturiser to hands

Avoid Exposure to Extremely Hot Water

Avoid extremely hot water on your skin. Though it is lovely to step into a steaming hot bath or shower or warm your hands in scalding water when washing them, it can be more damaging. Hot water can strip away the natural oils your hands need, so it is best to not turn hot on full, and use warm water instead. The warm water will still be able to remove oils containing bacteria but won’t dry your hands out uncomfortably.

Increase the Humidity at Home

If you suffer badly from dry skin on your hands, you may want to increase the humidity in your home, by investing in a humidifier. Central heating and air-conditioned rooms you experience at work or home can dry out the atmosphere, which in turn dries your skin, evaporating the much-needed moisture it needs. A humidifier will keep moisture in the air circulating, so your skin retains its natural moisture.

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