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Tips For Caring For Your Baby’s Skin

14 Mar 2019

Babies have very gentle, soft and fragile skin and it is not surprising that new parents are often concerned about how to care for it. As your baby’s skin is susceptible, they may develop rashes or allergies if proper skin…


5 Ways to Look After Your Hands

05 Mar 2019

Though spring is on the way, we are still experiencing cold and wet weather, which can impact negatively on our skin, particularly our hands. Our hands are particularly vulnerable in cold weather, mixed in with the dry atmosphere caused by…

Everything you Need to Know About the T-Zone

25 Feb 2019

In our previous blog, we looked at what face mapping is and how each zone of our face relates to another part of our body. As the T-Zone is the largest zone of the face, we wanted to look further…

What is Face Mapping?

19 Feb 2019

Ever wondered why you break out in certain areas of the face? Our face is the gateway to our whole bodies. Face mapping, face reading or face reflexology is an ancient Indian and Chinese method of skin care that focuses…

7 Common Questions About Sensitive Skin

13 Feb 2019

Skin is the largest organ of our bodies, constantly working hard to protect us from dangerous elements and conditions. Sometimes the top layer of our skin is thinner and less durable than other peoples, and that’s where sensitive skin comes…

Tips For Soothing Eczema

08 Feb 2019

The urge to scratch dry and irritated skin caused by eczema is a problem for many, particularly during winter months. There are several solutions available to sooth your skin, such as eczema cream and moisturisers, but there are other natural…

Skincare and Beauty Bloggers to Follow

30 Jan 2019

There is such a wide variety of skincare and beauty products out there that there’s been an increase in bloggers reviewing and raving about their favourites, influencing you on which to invest in. While new skincare and beauty blogs are…

10 Natural Remedies for Acne

21 Jan 2019

Acne is a skin condition which affects around 85% of people at some point in their lives. Treatments can be expensive and side effects like irritation, dryness and redness occur. This has caused an increase in remedies which help cure…

Which Skin Type are you?

17 Jan 2019

The most important step when it comes to caring for your skin is to understand which skin type you possess. Commonly there are five different skin types; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Depending on what skin type you have…

5 Homemade Face Masks

09 Jan 2019

Some face masks can be damaging for our skin, full of unnecessary chemicals and parabens. Here at Myreen Young, we can’t get enough of an organic face mask, whether this is one of our organic cellular masks or a homemade…

10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Skin

28 Dec 2018

Each New Year we come up with a list of resolutions which we aim to follow in the forthcoming year, many of which we don’t stick to! In this blog, we are going to look at ten simple resolutions which…