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Moisturizer or Serum: Which One do you need most in your every day skin care regime?

14 Sep 2018

The world of beauty and skin knows no limit. There’s always something new in the market claiming to make skin flawless. And once you know your skin type you have umpteen choices to pamper yourself. Like everything else, serum has…


Why You Should Never Skip Applying Night Cream?

20 Aug 2018

We usually don’t take moisturizing seriously until winter arrives. However, some would moisturize their face as part of morning skin care routine, but it’s very important to apply night cream to achieve flawless skin. Our skin battles impurities throughout the…

Organic Skin Care Essentials to Cure Rashes

25 Jul 2018

Let’s accept it- We all have had days when we’re pestering with annoying rashes all over the face. Rashes don’t only cause itching, but it also put us in a lot of discomfort. While some don’t just care and, others…

How organic Silica Can Help Rejuvenate Your Dull Skin?

12 Jun 2018

In this blog we will introduce you to a revolutionary skin care imperative, Silica also known as Silicon- one of the abundant natural elements. Silica gel has been predominantly used in internal medical supplements. It works amazing in restoring healthy…

Revolutionary anti-aging active based on plant stem cells. Protects and stimulates skin stem cells and prevents chronic skin aging.

26 Mar 2018

The story In Switzerland fruit growing has a long tradition. It was very important to grow apples that could be stored over winter and would still retain their rich source of vitamins. The ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber’ apple was widely grown in…

Vaginal Dryness

09 Mar 2018

During and after menopause, loss of estrogen can cause the tissues of you vagina to become dry and thin. This is known as vaginal atrophy.  Painful sex is the most common sign and I often see woman who say their…

5 natural ingredients to treat rosacea

12 Feb 2018

Rosacea can be as simple as redened skin, to pustules that look like active acne. All products seem to sting and nothing seems to ease it. Treating the condition the natural way. 1 Green tea Substances called catechins in green…

8 Easy Ways to Look Younger Now

12 Feb 2018

when looking for wrinkle creams, look for the following ingredients, which are filled with antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and anti-inflammatories that will improve the appearance of wrinkles: Coenzyme Q10 Grape-seed extract Hydroxy acids Niacinamide Peptides Retinol Tea extracts Vitamin C…

Organic Products for Baby’s Sensitive Skin.

03 Dec 2017

Keep your child’s delicate skin healthy with a great organic skincare range. Making sure four grandchildren could get a good nights sleep was the starting point of Myreen Young Skincare. The line was launched well ahead of the trend for…

New year gives us the opportunity to start being kind to our skin and our bodies by not overloading it with chemicals.

03 Dec 2017

When my two daughters were pregnant they worried all the time about stretch marks and later near the end of their pregnancy they worried out the birth, not knowing what to expect What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks are very…

Protecting Your Skin from Pollution.

03 Dec 2017

The Effects of Pollution Unless you live high in the Himalayan Mountains, you most likely encounter some sort of pollution every day, and you are exposed to increased ultraviolet (UV) rays and, as a result, increased rates of melanoma. Furthermore, the…