Award Winning Organic & Natural Skincare Manufacturers in UK


Voted best of British 2009, Featered on BBC News webpage , Silver Fox Award, Featured in the next woman, Woman in Business Award, Featured on Money and Careers.
I have been in the beauty business and owned my own salon for over 27 years. I have always been very passionate about health and skincare and want every person to feel confident and have beautiful skin. As we get older we probably don’t recognise the small changes in our skin that is brought about by sun, poor diet and lack of sleep, and over the years seeing the difference in my own skin and not being happy with what was on the market for my family and I and having the knowledge of ingredients , skincare and making my own products for my beauty salon I really wanted to offer a Natural & organic skincare that would be available to a wider market ! .

In 2007 I decided to create my own personal organic skin care products in partnership with a skin scientist and doctor , I knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn’t want . I wanted to create a skincare range that was completely natural, organic and worked ! I really wanted to try and create a skincare range that would reflect what was inside the bottle that really mattered !, we decided that we wouldn’t over package , label claim ,advertise or use pictures of beautiful people in our marketing . IT’S ALL ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS!!

We combine nature with science to help premature ageing , we keep our ingredients simple and our phytochemicals have not been super refined so they contain more active molecules enabling more nutrition to work into the deep layers of the skin thus giving it it’s own unique delivery system. Myreen Young skincare provides natural and organic products using only the highest quality ingredients. We do not use any chemicals, artificial ingredients or thickening agents and our preservatives are all natural making them perfect for our range of organic baby skin care products. We have every confidence that when you start using Myreen young skincare you will also feel the same way we do about it!

Our mission statement

*Myreen Young’s skincare mission is to provide it’s customers with natural and organic products that work !,we are constantly being innovative ,researching and clinically testing new extracts all our ingredients are ecologically sourced and of the highest quality .SKINCARE WITH INTELLIGENCE reflects the scientific way in which the products have been developed our products are carefully hand blended using recipes with scientific expertise .we do not over package ,label claim, advertise or use pictures of beautiful people in our marketing .we would like our customers to feel that it’s what is inside the bottle that really matters it’s all about the INGREDIENTS !